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Monday, September 26, 2005
11/03/2004 07:38:02 AM|||Joe|||

I did get back to the polling place at lunch, there was no line at all by then. Cast my vote electronically for the first time, I had to make a provisional ballot in the primary election. Neither sensory experience measures up to the big steel machines with the moldy smelling curtain and the Mad Scientist lever. As I was telling my six-year old which place on the screen to push, the memories of my own father telling me what levers to push came rushing back. Maybe I can register in Monroe County, New York and relive those days again.

I declined to mention yesterday that this was the first time I had ever seen a police officer at a polling place. As I was driving by yesterday morning a very broad man in uniform was coming out of the school building, 15 minutes before the polls opened, which made me think he was not there to vote. But in my mind's eye I do not remember him having the distinctive gray trousers of the Baltimore County police. Even when I lived in downtown Baltimore and voted in the senior apartment building was there ever a police officer at the polling place.

I suppose it is time to actually provide some information, in case someone is reading this. Here comes the World's Most Amateurish Post-Election Analysis: In 2000 final results: Gore 1,145,782 Bush 813,797. In 2004 preliminary results: Kerry 1,209,827 Bush 936,505 (99% precincts reporting). Nearly two thirds of the increase in Maryland turnout was for President Bush. And I think these 2004 numbers do not have all the absentee ballots yet.
|||109948800273705573|||Happy Election's Over Day!
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