Joseph M. Gusmano

Monday, September 26, 2005
2/04/2005 07:54:25 AM|||Joe||| Logged on to GMail yesterday to find 50 invites in each of three of my mailboxes, and one more set of 50 today, for a grand total of 200 invites! The going rate for invites on eBay has plummeted. I got my original invites for nearly a dollar each last fall, and now they are running less than ten cents. When will it not be worth it to sell them at all? But they have always been free here. Does this forespeak the day when the service is open? I am not too sure. The invitation-only method serves other purposes besides putting a limit on growth of demand. Nearly every one of the, I would be safe in guessing millions, of GMail accounts has a "parent" linked to it, the identity of the subscriber who invited them, and my reading of the GMail privacy policy reveals nothing about what Google won't do with that gigantic spider web of relationship information. |||110754818553945948|||GMail Market Collapses! Panic Grips Global Exchanges! Prices Plummet!
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