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Monday, September 26, 2005
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Farewell, ATT

So I decide it is time to enter the 21st century and get broadband internet. ATT has rolled in my dialup with local and long distance service for over a year now without too much hassle, so I will just hop online and order DSL, piece of cake right? I go through the whole set of screens entering my information to order DSL, and bang! Because I have WorldNet rolled into my phone bill, I cannot order it online. I have to climb back into my time machine and get to the 21st century by way of the 19th.

Now I understand the purpose for this. They have to speak with me before they make a change to phone service features to prevent slamming. But do they have to make me go through every step of ordering online before they tell me this?

So I call the 800 number. Busy. All day and the next morning, busy busy busy. I will say this one more time for for the irony to sink in. The phone company: it's busy. I tried the WorldNet tech support number, where I could not reach a human being. I had entered Press or Say Hell. The closest I could get to someone who could give me DSL service was a pleasant voice saying I could get information on the web site. Been there, done that, not helping.

After far too many attempts to get a different result from the same behavior, a thought struck me. My phone bill is in my briefcase. So I try the 800 number on my bill. A short span of Press or Say Purgatory later, a human voice! A human voice who tells me DSL is not available in my area. Now I could just tell this pleasant human that I know she is wrong because three DSL providers have checked my phone number, including ATT, and told me DSL was available. But the laws of time travel are immutable. Perhaps I was calling the 20th century by mistake.

Why is ATT fighting off my business with a stick? I don't know, and neither did the nice people at Verizon, my new provider for local, regional, long distance, and broadband. So in a week or two, see you in the 21st Century!

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